Meet our Dietitians

Dietitians at Anderson’s Nutrition

Anderson’s Nutrition is a successful team of Registered Dietitian Nutritionists. Each of the dietitians have different specialties, so we have a very dynamic team ready to work with you.

Our work experience includes:

  • Certified Health Coaches
  • Providing medical nutrition therapy in a clinical setting
  • Participating in clinical research evaluation
  • One-on-one nutrition counseling
  • Group Counseling
  • Public Speaking and Training

This RDN-owned practice started in 2006 with the goal of using customized nutrition planning because we believe in improving our client’s well-being. Our practice has helped hundreds of clients achieve life goals by using our specialized nutrition programs.

Some examples of custom developed programs include: gluten-free menus and grocery store tours for new Celiac patients, blood glucose management strategies for Diabetic clients, and menu optimization with supplementation for weekend warriors looking to boost athletic performance.

Anderson’s Nutrition offers health coaching and nutrition education to clients. All sessions begin with a focus on what change the client would like to make in their nutrition health. This is done so our team can understand each patient’s individual needs. During each session, discussions and goal setting with a health coach will help the client as they create their unique road map. The client will be accountable for the journey and guided to reach their final goal. Every path to success will be different because they are fully customized to each client.


Nicole Goodrich MS, RDN, LDN, CHWC

Nicole is not only the founder of Anderson’s Nutrition, but also a practicing lifestyle counselor passionate with helping you succeed.  In 2006 she completed a Master’s degree in Human Nutrition from Arizona State University, with a focus in lifestyle and behavior changes. Nicole currently holds the Registered Dietitian Nutritionist credential through the Commission on Dietetic Registration and is an active member of AND (The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics). Nicole has several other certifications, including Childhood and Adolescent Weight Management, and is a Certified Health and Wellness Coach. Recently, Nicole was interviewed for a feature in Women’s Health Magazine because of her extensive knowledge in supplements. She has dedicated herself toward improving the quality of life of her patients in a realistic, user-friendly, and time-effective way. Her specialties include Bariatrics, Weight Loss Management, Diabetes, and Cardiovascular Disorders.


Christine Babey MS, RDN, CDE

Christine graduated from the University of Arizona with her B.S. in Nutritional Sciences.  She attended Texas A & M University where she completed her dietetic internship as well as a M.S. in Nutrition.  After working in both in-patient and out-patient settings, Christine became a Certified Diabetes Educator (CDE).  In addition to diabetes, Christine is a dietitian with experience in geriatric nutrition, cardiovascular disease, GI disorders, and weight loss.  Her passion is helping clients focus on their goals to gain healthy habits so that they can ultimately improve their quality of life.

Christine grew up in Arizona. She enjoys working out, trying new recipes, watching movies, reading, and traveling.  Christine and her husband stay busy, as they are parents to three teenage sons and two dogs.


Taylor Aasand, MPH, RDN

Taylor graduated from the University of Minnesota with her B.S. in Dietetics.  She attended the University of Minnesota School of Public Health where she completed her MPH in Nutrition and dietetic internship hours.  Taylor has specialized experience in eating disorders. She also has experience in GI disorders, weight loss, community nutrition, and diabetes.  She enjoys the individualized care in working with clients because she loves to see each patient succeed.  

Taylor grew up in the Midwest. She enjoys cooking with new recipes, spending time with loved ones, and attending group fitness studios in the Valley.  



Jamie MacGibbon, RDN, LDN

Jamie graduated from the University of Delaware with a BS in Human Resources as a Dietetics Major. She completed her dietetic internship In Illinois at Hines VA Hospital. Jamie began her career at the Marriott Corporation as a Clinical Nutrition Manager/Assistant Director of Food Service at Philadelphia’s Eagleville Hospital.

Jamie took a hiatus from work so she could raise her three children. Realizing that she had a passion to counsel and educate patients of all ages, Jamie expanded her scope of practice. She had previously received certification in child and adolescent weight management from the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, but wanted to add more diverse credentials. She added focus on individuals with diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and more. Jamie loves working with people so she can provide compassion and common sense, but in an individualized nutrition counseling and education setting. 

Jamie lives in Wayne, Pa with her husband and teenage daughter, but enjoys frequent visits from her two adult sons. She spends her free time playing tennis, working out, biking, and playing with her two dogs. 

Michelle Hines MS, RDN

Michelle J. Hines is a Dietitian Officer with the United States Public Health Service Commissioned Corps. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Biology from Mercer University, and a Masters degree in Nutritional Sciences from South Carolina State University. Her professional experience includes nutrition counseling and education of Native American populations, foodservice and clinical nutrition management, public health nutrition, and regulatory.

Michelle is a native of Georgia but has resided in Arizona for nearly 15 years. She is married and enjoys spending time with her husband and extended family. Michelle enjoys dancing, yoga, traveling and scrapbooking.