Results & Reviews


Our methodology helps our clients and patients achieve their health goals through realistic lifestyle changes in order to produce incredible results. We use our expertise in the nutrition field and our training as Health Coaches to bring each client a customized journey.  Our clients see the results in their weight and lab values–all while finding their Best Self!

Weight Loss

On average, our clients have a healthy weekly weight loss of 1-2 pounds per week. These results may vary.

Disease Management

Our client’s report:

  • Improved Blood Glucose
  • Decrease in LDL Cholesterol
  • Reduction in Total Cholesterol
  • Improved Blood Pressure


We have helped over 600 clients with their health journey. Our clients have scored us at 98% for an overall experience and a 100% for being knowledgeable!  Here are what some are saying:

Jennifer was AWESOME

Everything was perfect, no improvements needed

Nicole was so motivating

I can enjoy carbs and don’t feel guilty

The weight just came off

Thank you Christine, blood sugars are back under control

I no longer need my meds– and feel great

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